Exchange Solutions Suite

The company proposes to build, manage and operate exchanges for various segments. The first two initiative being Universal Commodity Exchange (UCX) and Indian Bullion Spot Exchange (IBSX).

The domain expertise and management bandwidth acquired by the group over the years, has been well harnessed to develop a state of the art exchange solutions suite to cater to the various exchange initiatives planned by the company.

Xmatch is a powerful set of Solutions which facilitates and manages operations necessary for an Exchange
Xtrade is a is a powerful real time trading solution which allows the user to watch market prices and execute orders instantaneously by Real Time Price streaming.
Xmatch is a powerful set of Solutions which facilitates and manages operations necessary for an Exchange
Xact is a Browser based Clearing and Settlement System and a Complete Back office Solution for exchanges
Xview is a browser based Online Surveillance System which is powerful, flexible and configurable system suitable for exchanges.

Flash based comprehensive charting solution for exchanges which covers Intraday as well as historical charts for Commodity, Equity, Derivatives, Currency, Interest Rate Futures instruments.
Web based solution for factoring of invoices (bill discounting) which automates the entire process of bill discounting for Banks and financial institutions, comprising of financiers, purchasers and suppliers.

Our Services

Custom Application Development

We build what you want, when you want it, with desired quality, and with measurable ROI; is the sole motto of our software development team. Whether it is developing a new application for you or web-enabling your human resource application or developing a product jointly, we have done it all with our talented technical pool, and firmly established work and quality processes. Working closely with our clients at the Requirements Specification and System Analysis stage helps us to meet the tiniest functionality of the system faithfully. During Project continuance, continuous dialog and other communication channels ensure minimum risk and schedule slippage.

Commex Technology designs, develops and deploys customized software solutions and applications. Our list of offerings include:

  • New and turnkey development
  • Reengineering, customisation, and migration of legacy applications


Application Management

Be assured of your customer-centric services, preventive maintenance and functional enhancements with Commex Technology's Application Management services. Our range of services can provide support to handle even your small testing and enhancements requirements to greater needs like application security and application integration thus ensuring application availability round-the-clock. Whatever be the complexity of your application or technology, Commex Technology can always take care of your core business applications.

  • Application Development
  • Application Integration
  • Data Integration
  • Maintenance
  • Enhancements
Package Implementation

Want to develop a customized product for your Customer Relationship Management or want to evaluate the right package for deploying an e-Procurement solution, or wish to develop an impregnable firewall security system for your B2B portal; Commex Technology offers you comprehensive package implementation services, which starts from Business Analysis and Consulting, to Deployment and Maintenance.

Our implementation framework consists of:

  • Business Analysis
  • Process Design
  • Application Identification
  • Application Configuration
  • Enterprise Readiness
  • Deployment
Onsite Consultancy

Commex Technology has a pool of highly experienced senior management professionals with specific Industry knowledge who can provide turnkey IT consultancy. Commex Technology's professional services focuses on defining and optimizing its client's business & IT strategies by offering trained expertise, tools and resources required to deliver targeted IT initiatives for improved productivity and systems management. Many leading corporations work in a partnership with Commex Technology to address their IT consulting needs.

With a broad mix of functional and industry experience, Commex Technology's technical resources can work on various levels such as software developers, project managers, database specialists, networking and support executives. They can be deployed on projects of all leading technologies on client server & Internet such as web development initiatives, complex e-businesses, telecom and wireless solutions, enterprise wide applications, CRM solutions, database solutions, Software Migration and Maintenance Services.

Offshore Outsourcing

Commex Technology's business model revolves around the key needs of customer i.e. "Strategic Outsourcing"

Commex Technology's success has been dependent on answering this requirement helping customer get the latest in IT solutions with its Offshore Outsourcing Model which is complemented with our presence in various continents.

  • Offshore development facilities at Mumbai – India.
  • Equipped to develop, enhance and support application development and management.
  • Supports one or more phases of the software life cycle.
  • Customized treatment in each client relationship – our team becomes an extension of the client organization.
  • Benefits to Customer
    • Ready infrastructure without any gestation period
    • Flexible staffing as well as professional & skilled staff
    • Cost and time benefits
    • Quality assurance
    • No employee related obligations
IT Consulting

Commex Technology Limited adopts an analytical and systematic approach to technology resource consulting through a delivery design that creates real business value to its clients. Our consulting services are centered on helping firms in understanding the vital link between business processes, technologies and resource requirements.

Our global delivery services model combines client's business processes, and resource management requirements that creates a smoother flow of operations through availability & optimum utilization of resources with greater flexibility in resource Management.